About Pinoy Tekkie

Pinoy Tekkie is a blog that tries to bring you technology in layman’s term so that current, trending or significant technologies would be more user-friendly and understandable even to the beginner (noob + rookie = noobie) or passerby (just decided to do some tech-tripping one fine day). But creatively adding some sort of spice and spunk so the posts wont be boring for the pro (tech master or guru).

We try to stay away from the serious complex stuff that we don’t usually deal with on a daily basis. But somehow we still get lost in the tekkie lingo and get nosebleeds.

The blog owner still could not  identify if he is a full-fledged, half-witted or mixed breed of nerd, geek, dork or dweeb.

But, he definitely loves to hug some spotlight on diverse topics which includes but is not limited to games, gadgets, gizmos, girls, and everything else fueled by the hunger for knowledge, appetite for success and raging wild hormones.

He would always be a noobie, and no expert in any subject matter, because technology is constantly changing, and you’re a stiff if you stop to master or be a specialist in just one.



3 comments on “About Pinoy Tekkie

  1. 1) its full-fledged
    2) Your take on tech is not helping anyone, it is more misleading that anything
    3) Good job! You are not boring the pro, you are F*igging ANNOYING!
    4) You are not a nerd or a geek, more of a dork or dweeb. Do you even know that difference of those things? Frankly, you are some kind of outcast trying to get accepted via Internet anonymity.

  2. I wondered if you have any suggestions…l am thinking of buying another CPU…l never buy anything flashy or expensive these days. Having said that l have found all the basic CPu’s l have bought with student chips like AMD Centron work very well l can do everything l need in Photoshop, QuarkXpress, illustrator… So without going into too much technical detail l want a cheap reliably CPU
    do you have any suggestion where to buy or what to buy…l don’t think CD R King build CPU’s?

    • You can visit Gilmore avenue in Quezon City where many computer stores are based…you have to canvass first to get the most ideal price for every component…

      It is better to choose your parts individually rather than buying PC packages

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