One comment on “Building Your First High-End Rig

  1. You are a real wanna be. Dont give advise if you dont know what you are talking about. Your example is so stupid. 1) You propose a Photo/Video Editing and Gaming Rig then your sample has nothing to do with it. You dont qualify what your sample specs are for, therefore it should directly tie up with your hypothetical photo/video gaming rig scenario. 2) You just combined the most CPU and GPU demanding types of computers into one, so you can expect to spend at least 40k on a decent setup even if you get mid-range parts. 3) You could have said if your main objective is gaming then go with a better video card, if your main objective is office work/video editing then more emphasis on the CPU. Advise that makes sense. 4) Who in their right minds would get 1 stick of 4Gb RAM??? It makes more sense to get 2x2GB for Dual channel mode. Anyway, just stick to what you really know or better yet stick to the facts instead of spouting your BS and misleading people who might not know any better and actually believe what you wrote.

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