33 comments on “CD-R King Internet TV Box Review

  1. Very good introduction with lots of helpful details…pretty thorough examination of the product. Answered my first time questions..l had decided to buy one but it is good to know that it works on most of the things you will need. So thanks good work!

  2. This is the complete review I had been waiting for for quite sometime. I had been considering getting this box but due to the absence of a good review, I held back. Now, I can be rest assured going ahead in getting this unit. One question though, does the unit support a 500 (or higher) gb portable HD? I have two of these loaded with movies but I need to know beforehand coz the portable HDs could come in handy during movie downloads using a torrent client. Thanks so much.

  3. Hi, I got mine yesterday, I am using utorrent but cant find my external hardrive in the list of choices where to download the torrent to. I can read the files from the hard drive ok. Any ideas?

  4. I just got this internet tv box. Things i tried so far: connect to internet via wifi, facebook, play angry bird, listen to internet radio, tried watching movies but video freezes due perhaps to slow network connection. I haven’t explored everything yet. However, my initial findings are– can’t configure movies from external hard disk to play in full screen. Playing from “my files” stretches movie file but not full screen. Also, I have tried downloading via Ttorrent but the download button is greyed out. Also, I can’t seem to change the download path to an external Hard disk. Pls. I need some help here. Thanks.

  5. My final say… stay away from this internet tv box. I have to ask for replacement after my unit which was only two days old got stuck at the cdr king logo and froze failing to boot. CDR King replaced it with an android tv box which is almost the same as the replaced unit. The android box has a built-in wifi (just like laptops) and much smaller than its older counterpart. So far, it has been a week since I got this replacement and the unit I think has been “cooked” already . Hope it stays this way for quite sometime.

    • i am not happy with mine, it only likes downloading torrents 20% of the time and i still havent managed to get it to play any 1080p movies, and often i just get a blank screen, going to buy a 2nd pc to connect to my tv instead

      • Having read the article and the comments that followed l am a little confused. Katrisha says don’t buy a CDR king tv box…hers didn’t work. The shop changed it for an Android…she says it has WiFi… I went into CDR king and on the counter was a cdr king tv box and beside it was an Adroid tv box. It seems both are almost identical…even the boxes they come are the exact same, printed in the same colors with same features… both have WiFi built in with the same 4gig except for the word ‘Android’…and l think the picture on the box maybe slightly different both having remotes…. So what is different about them…??? Does anyone know?

  6. The only difference I know (which I mentioned in my earlier post) is the wifi. the android box doesn’t need an external antenna whereas its counterpart has an external antenna that the owner has to screw before it receives wifi signal. also, there’s a lot of difference in size (dimension). the android box is much more compact and sleek looking. otherwise, all else is identical. also, the android which is almost two weeks now seems stable. I have used it almost non-stop. And before I forget, I have to point out the box will only download via torrent using an external SD card … not with USB drive (flash or portable drive). Why? I can’t explain.

    • Thanks, l now understand why you said the Android had WiFi…it is built in. Sounds the better bet…l will get one of those…great to hear it’s still working. I have found CDR King have some marvelous stuff and very good value for money.

  7. The other internet tv box (which conked out after more than a day with me) also has built-in wifi but needs an external antenna that protrudes at its back. the android doesn’t need an external antenna much like the wifi of netbooks and laptops. I wish it has more power but overall, just like you said, the unit is good value for money and I agree, CDR King has lots of good electronic/digital stuff that are inexpensive but probably not cheap.

    • What can you say about the quality of playing movies? I was impressed with the review until pinoytekkie mentioned this “Ironically, I don’t watch movies using this. I only use it to test torrents after successful downloads.”. Downloading and watching movies is my priority for choosing a media player. Thanks 🙂

  8. ur right, it’s not advisable to use this for viewing downloaded movies. I find it hard to use playback controls like FF and back which I cant access via remote control. this unit is best for internet radio and torrent download. because of its low power consumption, it can be left powered on during the download process.

    • Hi l went and bought a CR R King Android TV Box…l have had some teething trouble…not with the box but with the staff at CD R King. I found when l got it home and set it up (I have a HD TV) but all the small print on the screen (Facebook & Emails) were such poor resolution it was impossible to read. The guy in the shop said there must be a problem with my TV and made no other suggestion other than l was wasting his time. I saw another cable and asked about it, it was a HMID High Definition and when he tried it, it solved the problem, perfect quality small print. Now what comes with the Android Box is an Anlalog cable which gives poor quality. The HD cable cost me P100…but worked only for 2 days…l took it back and they agreed to change it…l opted for a better quality one which cost P250 and paid just P150 as l got a credit for the other.

  9. That was also my initial reaction with mine when I first hooked it up with my LED TV. I used the RCA analog cable that went with the unit. The resolution was so poor I barely can read the texts and the images smeared at the end. I used an HDMI cable which was bundled with my LED TV and voila it solved the problem of poor resolution. Hope that would be the last issue you’ll have with your android TV box. So far, there are no major issues yet with mine which I understand is identical with what you have. The manufacturer could have provided a VGA port aside from HDMI and RCA ports.

  10. Can I connect my catv cable in this box? If not, is there any cdrking smart tv box that can be connected with a catv cable so it can perform as a normal tv? Thanks!

  11. wifi drops too after 5 mins of connection. do you have a work around this. btw how can i set for downloads to go directly to a portable drive?

  12. is there any problem with using skype video calls? what’s the gpu of this device? will it be able to play hd games?

  13. kung sino man po ang may magandang puso dyan na mag uupload ng backup rom nila dyan salamat po. brick po kasi ko.

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